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Would you like to have a unique Berlin experience?

Create your own Techno Painting


Feel like being creative?
Love Techno and Deep House music?

Join us for a 2.5 hour Techno Painting workshop lead by a Visual Artist. We’ll paint together, discuss art and music, and get acquainted with Berlin’s unique Techno scene.

This workshop is meant for you to express your creativity!
You won’t need to buy materials and you don’t need to have prior painting experience. You just need to show up and enjoy the process. In the end you will have a beautiful work of art (acrylic on canvas), made by you, ready to be hung on your walls.

How it goes:
First we will explore the creative process – what inspires you? What would you like to express?
Then we’ll take 2 minutes to absorb ourselves in the music. Shortly after you will be personally instructed on the correct choice and mixing of colors.
We will begin to work in layers of color. You will be immersed in the creative process, forgetting your everyday life and expressing your inner world.
We will take 2 breaks to discuss the process, evaluate the outcome so far and decide how to proceed. During the breaks we’ll enjoy some drinks and snacks.
We will create final touches and corrections and you will take your newly made Techno Painting with you.

While we’re painting Dina will gladly share the “secrets” of Berlin’s club culture. Discussing the dress codes and door policies of the major clubs, where she performs and parties every weekend.

About the Host:

Dina Shneider is a Visual Artist living and creating in Berlin.
She has a degree in Art History and currently working on a Techno Painting project – abstract live paintings, illustrating the music and vibe of Berlin Techno culture. Her performance portfolio includes top Berlin clubs such as Kater Blau, Kitkat and Ritter Butzke.
In order to create an expressive art piece, in a short period of time (during the DJ set) and in public surroundings, she’s developed a unique painting technique, which is used in this workshop.

You can view her works on:
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/technopainting/
And Instagram: _nowhere101

Minimal Number of participants: 5

Maximal Number of participants: 10

Ticket price: 55€

For more information please write to us: