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Your stag or hen party in Berlin with the most unusual Escape Game

Celebrate a special evening with one of our two party packages:

You find yourself in a 100 m2 attic apartment in Berlin-Friedrichshain, where chaos reigns: empty beer bottles, crumpled party decorations, remains of a mysterious drinking game. In the apartment, a wild hipster party had been celebrated the night before and all that was left for you and your bachelor friend are mysterious clues that need to be deciphered.

To top it all off, you only have 60 minutes to find the key that will get you out of the apartment before the owner returns. So don’t waste any time: solve the numerous tricky puzzles, find crucial clues, and combine items. You don’t need any physical fitness or strength, just a little creativity and fun with puzzles and riddles.

Live Escape Game with party atmosphere and team fun make an unforgettable stag or hen party in Berlin

Berlin’s wild nightlife has become world famous. It is logical that a bachelor party is best celebrated here. In the German capital there are numerous possibilities to have a lot of fun together with your bachelor or bachelorette. But with the Hipster Escape Party you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience, where you can not only play as a team, but also get into the party mood.

In the unique setting you can expect many cute details, funny accessories, and unusual puzzles with hipster flair. The game focuses on pure fun: We don’t do creepy surprises, bloody crime scenarios, or time bombs. Instead, you can look forward to an incomparable party atmosphere with good music.

The hipster escape party package for individual bachelor party surprises

Talking about music: For an extra share of party fun you can book a party package including your own music selection in addition to the Escape Game. Surprise your bachelor or bachelorette with a favorite song or get in the mood with your personal party hits. The Party Pack also includes:

  • One drink per person: Beer (0,33l), Prosecco (0,2l) or Softdrink (0,33l)
  • Snacks during the game
  • A mini party package in a jute bag for every player, including confetti, moustache tattoo, snacks for on the go, lights, bachelor challenge list and other party surprises

Price per person: 35€

Book your Escape experience for the bachelor party in Berlin and reserve your desired date and time. Do you still have questions about the course of the game or are you planning further surprises for your bachelor or bachelorette? Then please send us an e-mail with your requests to mail@hipster-escape-party.de. By the way, the Hipster Escape Game is not only great fun for stag and hen parties in Berlin. Birthday parties, company events or Christmas parties also become extraordinary experiences for groups with the tricky puzzles and funny hipster accessories.