// What is Hipster Escape Party?

Hipster Escape Party is a so called “real life escape game” in which a group of friends is trapped in an apartment. To find your way out, you need to find hidden items and solve loads of riddles. Maybe you’ve already heard about the terms “Exit Game” or “Live Escape Game” – that is exactly what Hipster Escape Party is about!

Curious now? Book now and experience Berlin’s new entertainment thrill!

// Oh wait… it’s a “real” apartment?

Exactly! A “real”, analog apartment full of puzzles, riddles, hipster accessories and hidden clues to touch and combine. In times of people only swiping their PIN codes on their smartphones, you will be surprised how much fun it is to open a real lock with a real key!

// Which group size do you recommend?

Hipster Escape Party clearly is a team experience! That means you should at least come in a team of 2 players. We recommend a group size of 4 to 8 players as more eyes and can see more and more brains can think more. Of course, you can finish the game with 2 players as well – you might just have to go a little extra mile then!

// I booked the game – what now?

You get a booking confirmation via mail.

On the booking day please be on time for your game. Otherwise, your play time might become shorter due to later bookings. (In other words – this is not a German thing but just required for a seamless experience. ;)) Also, please notice that the elevator to our rooftop party apartment is rather slow – however it’s totally sufficient if you arrive 5 minutes before your booking time.

After signing the rules of the game you’ll experience the Hipster Escape Party: Locked in a place full of crazy hipster items you have 60 minutes to get out. Therefore your team has to search for hints and clues, find objects and combine them to solve different puzzles and riddles. You don’t need any physical power. You only have to use your brain and think out of the box.

You don’t need special clothes or equipment to play the game. However, you will look a lot better on your victory’s picture with some hipster clothes or accessories!

// What happens if we have to cancel a booked game?

Well – it always happens that something comes in your way and you cannot make it to the game you booked. Up to 24 hours in advance, please send us an email about your cancellation and we are sure to find a new appointment that fits better. We hope you do understand that we need to charge 50% of the regular game costs in case of cancellation shorter than 24 hours in advance as we are planning our days and work around the appointments.

// Is there a bathroom available at the game?

Unfortunately, there’s no bathroom available before and during the game. After playing the game, it’s possible to use our bathroom.

// What age is required?

Our Escape Game is open for everybody above the age of 12. Because of the party theme, children under the age of 12 are only allowed to play accompanied by at least one adult.

// How about corporate bookings?

Hipster Escape Party can be a wonderful challenge for teams working together professionally. Please send us an email and find out how this live escape game can be part of your team events or other occasions. We will find the best suited solution for your company.

Reach out to us via email to mail@hipster-escape-party.de.

// Are there any restrictions due to medical reasons?

Although there are no fear factors, we recommend you to contact us before booking if you are claustrophobic, epileptic or suffering from a heart condition.

We also advise to consult your doctor and give him our contact details. We try to answer the question as well as in any way possible.

Please note that the only entrance to the game is via an elevator.

// What about accessibility and special requirements?

Unfortunately the game is not optimized for people with wheelchairs and blind people. Deaf people can take part in the game but should be accompanied.

Should you have any special requirements, please contact us before booking and we do our best to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

// What happens in case of an emergency?

The location is video-controlled. In case of emergency the game master cancels the game to help.

// Have any further questions?

We’d love to hear from you! Please write us an email to mail@hipster-escape-party.de.