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A party city like Berlin is literally bursting with wild party options, activities, and entertainment. There is also no shortage of ideas for company Christmas parties. But those who try to create a Christmas party that offers the right balance of party fun and team entertainment AND is fun for all their colleagues, can get into a sweat. You can relax now, because with the Hipster Escape Party you get exactly that and can look forward to many more surprises:

Instead of sitting together for Christmas dinner as usual, you will find yourself in the remains of an apartment party above the rooftops of Berlin-Friedrichshain. Hipsters celebrated here the night before: Remnants of a drinking game, strange party puzzles, and decoration still testify to the wild party. You’ve now been locked up in the 100 m2 attic apartment and can only escape if you find all the clues and solve the puzzles left to you by the hipsters.

Hipster Escape Party Christmas Party

You like unusual puzzle fun? Book your Christmas party in Berlin at the Hipster Escape Party

You only have 60 minutes to find the key that will free you from the party apartment. But together you’ll make it: Follow the clues, cleverly combine items and think around the corner. All that counts is brains, a little creativity, and your accumulated team power.

A unique scenery awaits you in the lovingly designed attic apartment: The many carefully picked details and accessories, unusual puzzles with hipster flair, funny party remnants, and good music make the Hipster Escape Party a perfect experience. And to make sure you can relax, Hipster Escape Game does without time bombs, creepy moods, or murderous crime plots.

Would you like to learn more about the course of the game or do you have special requests to round off your Christmas party in Berlin? Write us an email at mail@hipster-escape-party.de. As far as possible, we will try to fulfil your wishes. If you want even more hipster fun, you can also book the game for birthday parties, stag and hen parties, or an for entertaining evening with friends.