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Here’s how to book your escape game

To book your Hipster Escape Party now, simply select your preferred date in the calendar. Click on a day and pick a free time slot. Almost there! Now we only need your name, your mail address and your mobile number (only in case of urgent queries). Please use the message field to write us how big your group is (2-12 persons) and whether you prefer to play in English or German.
For last minute bookings on the very same day please call us on +49 152 56808681.

How much is one game?

One game is 20 € per player and takes one hour. No matter if you come alone or in a group of up to 12 friends – the price always stays the same per person. We recommend a group size of 4 to 8 players.

We kindly ask you to pay the price of the game in cash at your visit.