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Celebrate your birthday in Berlin at the Hipster Escape Party

Are you planning a birthday party with your best friends? Then Berlin is the right place for you. However: How can you find the perfect setup for your birthday party among the many leisure ideas and entertainment offers? We have something for you: At the Hipster Escape Party you celebrate your big day in Berlin in an unusual setting with lots of fun for you and your guests.

Your birthday party will start within the remains of a strange party: In a 100 m2 attic apartment in Berlin-Friedrichshain, many hipsters celebrated a wild party the night before and hid the key for the exit door of the apartment. You’ll have to find the key in the remnants of a drinking game, leftover party decoration, and strange puzzle questions with a hipster flair.

Nothing easier than that? To find the key, you’ll need to use all the skills of your pack: Think cleverly around the corner, discover all the clues, combine items, guess song titles. You don’t need muscle power or exceptional fitness for this, just your team power and brains. Because: You only have 60 minutes to escape from the Hipster apartment.

You want unusual puzzles in a loving ambience? Book the Hipster Escape Party for your birthday party in Berlin

The Exit Game in the attic apartment is the perfect start to an extraordinary birthday in Berlin: In the lovingly decorated scenery, matching accessories, exciting puzzles and good music set the scene for you. Many funny details will look familiar to you, others will bring completely new insights into the colorful party world of the hipsters. Fun should always dominate the party, that is why we have no creepy surprises, no bloodthirsty crime plots, and no time bombs.

You want a birthday with hipster flair? Book the Hipster Escape Party for a date and time of your choice. If you have any questions about the course of the game or a special request, please feel free to send us an e-mail. The Hipster Escape Party is not only the perfect choice for birthday parties in Berlin, but also for team events, Christmas parties or if you simply want to experience something together with your friends in Berlin. Would you like to book our Exit Game for a stag and hen party? We’ll make it possible and even add a surprise package.